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If You're  LINE MANAGER, You're Confronted With 4 Major Issues

  1. Executing business plans and ideas in the most effective way
  2. Getting maximum productivity from people and processes
  3. Keeping waste and unnecessary cost out of the business
  4. Continually changing in a positive and sustainable way

The challenge is in addressing those issues effectively in a constantly changing business environment that is also impacted by generational, cultural and demographical diversities. One part of the answer lies in skills development for leaders and line managers, hence this academy.

Tailoring Training To Your Needs

We will tailor change leadership and business execution training course materials and content to suit your specific needs. In tailoring the training, the course content will be drawn from the full body of knowledge reflected in the modules of the full training program shown in the table below.

Contact our office and we can provide you with the information you need about (a) inhouse delivery or public events or alternatively (b) supporting you in facilitating organisational change.

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The Standard Skills Development Body of Knowledge

Part A - Global Influence Skills

Focused on Formulating, Pitching and Leading Change

  • Module 1 - How To Pitch Change Ideas and Get Buy-in
  • Module 2 - Influence and Persuasion Foundations
  • Module 3 - Advanced Presenting and Group Influence
  • Module 4 - Innovation and Group Facilitation
  • Module 5 - Change Pitching Skills
  • Module 6 - Organisational Change Roadmap

Part B - Management and Business Execution

Focused on Executing Business Plans and Continually Improving

  • Module 1 - Personal Productivity
  • Module 2 - Business Execution Master Class
  • Module 3 - Value Based Decision Making

Why Choose Soarent Vision Training?

  1. The benefits from training can and should be MEASURED IN FINANCIAL TERMS
  2. It does NOT DELIVER A COMMODITSED TRAINING PROGRAM - it is only delivered by a master of the concepts being taught
  3. It addresses skills development needs for both CHANGE LEADERSHIP and BUSINESS EXECUTION
  4. It integrates seamlessly with BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT initiatives (including Lean Six Sigma)
  5. Each element of education is a STAND ALONE MODULE that any employee can attend and get enormous benefit from
  6. The LAYERING OF SKILL that occurs through sequentially moving through a series of stand alone modules ensures a far greater degree of competency upon completion of the program

For Information About Pricing, Events and Organisational Change Support

  • Phone +61 (0) 438 128 339
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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