GBS - Global Business Solutions

Global Improvement Services

1. AOBIL Platform Extends Training Arm of Soarent Vision

All of our training and education is now delivered through our professional development platform which we refer to as AOBIL. At a maximum cost of $52 per month, this is the most cost effective way you will find for accessing world class content delivered by our team. Read more ....

2. Vice President GBS - International.

The appointment of Harry Sinko as VP Global Business Solutions - International. in 2013 has been highly successful in bringing extraordinary experience and knowledge to this role. The results this division is delivering for customers is proving Soarent Vision's approach to be exactly what is needed in business today.

Organisational Change and Business Execution Services

Academy of Business Leadership

1. Organisational Change

Organisational change is both a must and a challenge for all progressive organisations. Soarent Vision announces enhancements to its Leadership and Organisational Change Training program in response to customers' changing needs.

Training Services

Academy of Process Mastery

1. Standard 3 Level Framework

Soarent Vision's BI training program is now structured in a clear 3 level certification format. It can be tailored to suit your specific needs too. Read more ....

2. Tailored Leadership Training

All of Soarent Vision's Organisational Change and Business Execution training can be tailored to suit your needs, context and company culture. Read more ...

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Soarent Vision offers the most comprehensive support and tailored training for business leaders (in Mining and Energy companies) who are committed to more effective business execution and asset optimisation. Our focus is on one thing - producing quantifiable outcomes that really matter.

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SigmaXL User's Handbook


SigmaXL Statistical Analysis Handbook is now available in Print Form and for Apple iPad or Kindle Reader

Just For Fun - Speaking Australian


Available for iPad via Apple's iBook Store and Kindle Reader via, this fun book by George Lee Sye is a comprehensive collection of Aussie words and coloqialisms.

Focused on Waste, Variation, Cost, Productivity


An advanced lean six sigma training program for resource sector and production improvement professionals.

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Minimise Cost, Maximise Productivity


1-day simulation based Value Stream Management and BI training for line managers - designed to create collaborative cost reduction and productivity improvements.

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