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George Lee Sye is the founder of Soarent Vision. He is a highly regarded educator and author, with a formidable reputation for guiding organizations through their performance enhancement journey.  From a disciplined background and leadership roles in counter-terrorism, complemented by managerial positions in the corporate world, George has truly mastered the art of leadership and behavioural change.  His style, methodologies, teachings and learning academies are second to none. He has taught performance improvement, change leadership and business growth to some of the largest and most successful corporations in the world today.

With some of the largest companies in the world hosting his seminars and applying his business leadership methodologies, the positive impact of his body of work is felt today at many levels both inside and outside the organisations he works with.

George has written and published 16 books in the past 4 years on the topics of business growth and performance improvement and has 10 more in the pipeline. One of his business books (Process Alchemy with Lean Six Sigma) is now translated and distributed in Chinese by the largest publishing company in China - Oriental Press.

He has delivered more than 300 seminars (greater than 1,000 full days of speaking) across the world, including events in the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, South America and Papua New Guinea. Over the past two years alone, more than 25,000 people have personally experienced his philosophies and teachings, as well as his incredible enthusiasm and energy for life.

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What People Say About George

Absolutely fantastic! George is passionate about what he does, passionate about our success, and the most engaging presenter I have seen and learned with.

Susan Dutton - Perth

Knowing George’s outstanding facilitation skills, I expected an interesting and entertaining course – and this was delivered in spades. What I didn’t expect was such a simple, workable model for life and enterprise mastery. I always admired George’s great self-discipline and his ability to achieve two or three times the level of output of other people. I now know the secret (or at least one of the secrets) to his success. I only wish` that I had learnt this 15 years ago as I was embarking on my career. While I’ve been reasonably successful with my career and personal life, I have now doubt that I could have achieved even greater success with through the application of some of the learnings from the program.

Gary Warden - Previously Global Leader Operating Excellence BHP Billiton

George Lee Sye has a cognitive and conceptual ability that is by definition 'genius', however sincere humility would see him embarrassed by such a label. It is rare in each of our lifetimes that we have the opportunity to engage with an individual with George's abilities, altruism and (he would be embarrassed again by this) - compassion, for he actually does care about each person he meets. In previous occupations I would have followed George into any high-risk situation and trusted him with my life implicitly. Similarly, this trust is transferred more globally by my unreserved recommendation that any person who wishes to enrich their life to join with George on the journey.

Dr. John Rolfe - Queensland Police Service

Thank you for teaching the teacher more about life and leadership. Your course has challenged me to change my personal and professional life for the better. The combination of psychology, theory and good practice has had a significant impact and I now know I can make the vision a reality. Thank you too, for being a mentor and more importantly a friend.

Kevin Tutt - Prince Alfred College

Spending time listening to George was like a glass overflowing. He not only gave us insight into improving our business but our personal lives also. We made changes in all areas of our lives immediately and following the steps George outlines continue to do so. George is not only inspirational but REAL, that’s what makes him so successful.

Cobby Vines - Betty Beans Cafes

You are an inspiration to both of us and your seminar could not have come at a better time for us. We speak very highly of your seminar and your books to everyone we meet. Many of our friends, both business and personal, have expressed interest in attending one of your seminars and we could sell a book just about every day. We want to have an impact on people’s lives the way you have inspired us.

Sharon Stuckey

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course - truly life changing! THANK YOU!! I've already used some of the techniques on both my husband and young friend and the changes are rippling out!

Deanne Tindale - Dreamvast (Owner)

Thank you for showing me a way in which I can focus on changing my behaviour, beliefs, conduct and ultimately my life for the better and by doing so, demonstrating to the people around me that one has to change him / herself before changing anything else.

Volker Koepke - Executive Chef Radisson Resorts

When I first met you George, I was stuck in a rut having recently come through a divorce and no real definitive purpose with my life. You and your products have tremendously changed my life and I can’t thank you enough. I have discovered so many things that excite me in my life and I wake up every morning with anticipation and wonder. I have a renewed passion for my life and em enjoying taking it to the next level every day.

Daryl Wake - BHP BIlliton

My first contact with George and Soarent, was when I was at a very low position in life, and in 2 days, I not only saw the light, I was happily running towards it! The information provided empowered me to make significant changes in my life and how I felt about it. The impact was so positive, I offered to send my whole staff and their partners to attend the program. They have just completed this, and the team dynamic at work is Buzzing.
Great result, great value. Many thanks.

Michael Bishop - Alchemy Cordials

If I could grasp and maintain just a portion of George’s energy and enthusiasm, and just some of his teachings, then I, the people I come into contact with and the community wolud be much richer.

Warren Hicks - Barrick Gold

I thought the event was invigorating. I have been amazed how I have started watching what I am eating, been more calm when things do not go the right way, and had a desire all weekend to get my weekly plan ready for next week. Your course timing could not have been better as I am making some decisions in my career and life and the course certainly made me reflect on those decisions..... I have completed the Dale Carnegie Course and one of the Covey leadership courses, but none pulled it together like you did.

Rob Monaci - BIS Industrial Logistics

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