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What We Do


At Soarent Vision, we focus on one thing - generating quantifiable value for your business and positively shifting your company's profitability.

We do that by:

  • Increasing your CAPACITY FOR GROWTH (processes, people and management);
  • Simplifying the way you EXECUTE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN;
  • Improving your PROFITS through eliminating WASTE, controlling VARIATION and increasing PRODUCTIVITY; and
  • Providing consulting and facilitation services that support your ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE activities.

Soarent Vision is the only company in the world today to integrate all of the following three elements into an effective strategy for business performance:

  • Business execution,
  • Leadership through influence and persuasion, and
  • Continual business improvement methodologies.

Why Soarent Vision?

  • We are focused where we are the best, we’re not trying to be everything for everybody
  • Nationally accredited (AQF) business improvement training with competency based certification - the intent is to drive workplace application and generate quantifiable returns for host companies
  • We do not come in and tell you what to do and then disappear - our approach is to facilitate your knowledge, adapt relevant methodologies to your scenario and develop your self sustainability, and take responsibility for achieving outcomes
  • Business improvement support, coaching & mentoring is built on decades of industry experience
  • An extraordinary depth of knowledge that is now reflected in 16 published books

To top it off, we have a tremendous depth of experience - Australia, New Zealand, United States, Colombia, Mexico, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Romania, France, Germany, Denmark, South Africa and Papua New Guinea.

Our Mission

To deliver world-class business execution consulting, facilitation and capability development services that generate quantifiable value for customers of those services.

Our Core Beliefs

These beliefs drive the way we think and how we approach value growth in your company.

  • We believe that ALL THINGS CHANGE and that continual improvement is the key to success in any endeavour and in every important aspect of our businesses.
  • We believe that WHEN YOU GET BETTER IN ONE AREA OF PERFORMANCE, you get better in others too. Our strength lies in our understanding of the interaction of the different areas and its impact on business outcomes.

I look forward to Soarent Vision being of service to you.

Warm regards,
George Lee Sye
Managing Director - Soarent Vision

Would you like to know more?

  • Call us on 1300 551 294 (Australia) or 61-438-128-338 (International)
  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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